Knight Gallery brings on DJ SlipMatt

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We are located in downtown Rhinelander, Wisconsin at

Location and Hours

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The Knight Gallery provides service and entertainment for

Rules and Dress Code

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    What can I getcha? Typically this

Drinks and Specials

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Knight Gallery 50 S. Brown St. Rhinelander, Wisconsin

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Bartenders We are currently not seeking bartenders, but


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  Knight Gallery is an upscale, urban design


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Knight Gallery is an upscale, urban design night club in Northern Wisconsin. It’s located below street level in downtown Rhinelander. It’s been a long-standing business in Rhinelander for 46 years. A lot of the decor and design remained the same from it’s opening in 1973. There’s lots of brass, and mirrors surrounding the checkered dance floor.  It has always been a nightclub and during the early years it featured show bands, then disco, and every decade since’s music. In the early decades it was open 7 days a week and had a menu of delicious food. The place was frequently filled to capacity and people had to wait outside to get in. Today it is still a gem and people continue to enjoy an evening dancing, socializing, and enjoying a beer or cocktail. We are now open Fridays and Saturdays only with the exception of holidays and special events. Doors open at 8 PM and we close at 2:30 AM. 

One of our energetic bartenders serving up a drink. We pride ourselves on serving good beer & cocktails and serving them to our customers quickly. We are the only establishment in town that provides free beer pong! This popular game doesn’t have to be played with beer to enjoy. A sign located at the rear entrance on South Anderson Street. Ample public parking is available here. We no longer offer food at this time. Spirts and and dancing are always available.  Knight Gallery in the daylight! We open early for events and certain holidays. He are some younger folks enjoying beverages following the St. Patrick’s Day parade. On certain occasions we do book outside entertainment. This is Dirty Mike & The Copper Pennies performing at Knight Gallery on Thanksgiving Eve in 2016. 

facebook.com/garrett.thorn This is a view of our bar. It’s a very long L shaped bar. We always have multiple servers to be sure all our customers are served in a timely fashion. The barstools quickly fill up late in the evening.  Here’s a portion of our large dance floor. There’s lots of lights, a wooden platform stage, and mirrors. DJ Brian Yonker who makes an occasional appearance here. Brian is originally from the area and has been a resident DJ at The Great Dane in Wausau and now is features across the city at various establishments.


facebook.com/brian.yonker We often have weekend specials on our board. Occasionally we have themed nights as well. Neon Nite was a glow party. 


We have many options to choose for seating and tables. There are 3 pool tables and a beer pong table in the large back room. 



Nancy Lorbetske, owner, is a familiar face behind the bar at the Knight Gallery nightclub. The Knight Gallery is celebrating 46 years of business in 2019!



Our main attraction is our large dance floor


with a lot of room for dancing

DJ SlipMatt


Matt “SlipMatt” Roberts joined us in the spring of 2018. We could not be more pleased with his talent and passion for Knight Gallery. Matt brings in his own equipment and DJs for most every Friday and Saturday night. He’s always had people out on the dance floor and plays a broad range of music for the young and young at heart. Matt is originally from Rhinelander, but he’s lived in the Madison area for over a decade. He became well known for his talents there and even performed at Winter Warmer. We’re happy to have Matt on board!

We feature a live DJ Friday and Saturdays from 10 PM until bar close, mixing top 40, dance, house, electro, dubstep, hip-hop, and everything in between.

Requests are welcome. Our DJ will do their best to play your song. 

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