We are currently not seeking bartenders, but there are times where we need to add to our team. Bartenders work part-time, and require working Friday, Saturday, or both evenings. We do offer flexibility. Experience preferred, but we will work with the right person. You will need to have good customer service interaction and be comfortable standing and moving quickly in a busy environment. Shifts very from 4-6 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. You must be able to obtain an operator’s license for the City of Rhinelander. This requires taking an online short course to learn the responsible serving laws. Once the course is completed, print out the certificate and bring it to city hall. They will perform a police background check before approving a bartender’s license. Alcohol related, and other serious convictions will likely affect the ability to obtain a license. Knight Gallery is a great place to work with a high energy, music, and a fun atmosphere. We offer competitive wages and with tips, it can be a great part-time job.

DJs & other entertainers

Currently we have a resident DJ. Occasionally we do however need a fill-in. We have sound equipment set up that anyone could connect to and we also have a desktop computer in our DJ booth with music and software for DJing.

We’re open to bringing in different talent such as featured bands, singers, DJs, etc. Please contact us via our business phone or message our Facebook page.

Bouncers & Doormen

We have our main bouncer “Skip” who’s been working at Knight Gallery for decades. Skip is our nightly doorman, but on occasion we do have events where we need extra help. For the remainder of 2019 we are seeking additional doormen for July 4th, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. The individual will provide security, check legal age, to refuse entry for intoxication, aggressive behavior or non-compliance with statutory or establishment rules. Most of these upcoming events will just require to have someone at each entrance of Knight Gallery to validate IDs. You will be compensated for working and also of course be able to enjoy the events! Please contact us through Facebook, talk to a manager at Knight Gallery, or call our business number. 

How to apply

Apply in person during business hours (with a manager) or message through our Facebook business page.

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