The Knight Gallery provides service and entertainment for persons who are 21 and older. We follow Wisconsin state laws.

Attire should be dressed to impress. (No colors i.e. gang and club affiliated, offensive clothing, etc.)

No carry-ins. It’s against the ordinances to walk from one establishment to another on city streets or property with alcohol.

No bringing in food please.

Bartenders are not responsible for watching purses, beverages, etc. 

Our bartenders are licensed and are responsible servers. Service may be refused to uphold the Wisconsin beverage laws.

Lost items – We are not responsible for misplaced, stolen, or left behind items. Item’s may be reported by calling our business line or messaging us through our Knight Gallery Facebook business page. Retrieving items for customers is inconvenient for us, but on occasion we will open the business during the week to retrieve left behind belongings. 

Rude behavior and fighting is prohibited.

No persons (with the exception of employees or guest entertainment) are allowed in the DJ booth.

All credit card purchases require a minimum of $10 – Open tabs overnight will be charged and the card can be retrieved the next business night. Declined or insufficient funds require payment before leaving the premises. There is an ATM on site also.

No beverages are allowed on the dance floor. Those Rum Buckets especially! 

Customers must present a valid ID when asked. Under aged persons will not be allowed in and anyone without or non-valid ID.

The bar must close and lock up at 2:30 AM. Lights typically go on at 2:15 AM and at that point customers are asked to begin to leave. Serving will cease at that point. 

We are members of the Wisconsin State Tavern League and support the Safe Ride program with Rapid Cab. We provide free vouchers to customers who need to get home responsibly. The voucher can be received by requesting one at the bar. This voucher will give you a cab ride home to anywhere in Oneida County at no charge. Patrons must provide an address and must be able to enter you place of stay unassisted. 

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